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Nestor Reyes "Errors" Lead to Deleting Juan Figuron's Tax Declaration Because of the Sale of Neighbor's Property

According to the Municipal Tax Record book (posted below), Nestor Reyes incorrectly identifies Lot 004 as "2943-P", but underneath is the correct 2943-P for Lot 005 in the name of Quinino Alipayo.

The Boundary description of Welia Alipayo's Title and Absolute Deed of Sale above identify part of Lot 005 on the Tax Record book (posted below).

The Municipal Tax Map below clearly shows Lot 004 belongs to Juan Figuron based on the Certified Sketch Map from 2003.

Nestor Reyes incorrectly identifies Lots 001, 002 and 003 as belonging to Juan Figuron to show the court his land has been sold.

Juan Figuron never owned lot Lots 001, 002 or 003 and Rodulfo Figuron never sold any part of Lot 2943-A as claimed by Welia Alipayo in 1998 or any other year.

There is no Deed of Absolute Sale in the Registry of Deeds Office for Tax Dec No. 1040 being sold.

Lot 001 was originally owned by Pepito Tiu.

Lot 002 was originally owned by Juana Figuron and sold by her heirs in 1998.

Lot 003 was originaly owned by Benjamin Figuron.

The Warranty Deed for Lot 3198 (posted below) confirms the owners above.

Deed of Absolute Sale below for Lot No. 3198 sold in 1998, lists heirs of Juana Figuron as sellers.

Juana Figuron is not related to Juan Figuron, she is the daughter of Hilario Espejon who married Pastor Figuron.

Boundary Descriptions on Deed of Absoute Sale for Lot 3198 state: North: Seashore; South: Lot No.3197; East: Lot No. 2942; West: Lot No. 2943. These Boundary Descriptions exactly match Tax Map listed below.

The Deed of Absolute Sale (posted below) for the heirs of Juana Figuron selling to Genalyn Coughlan lists the size of Lot 3198 as 1,676 sqm and the Tax Declaration No. is 5772

Juan Figuron's Tax Dec (posted below) for 1998 lists the size of Lot 3198 as 1,676 sqm and the Tax Declaration No. is 5772

On the side of the Tax Dec (posted below) is the signature of Gina Escosura Figuron, the Municipal clerk who warned the Figurons Nestor Reyes was possibly conspiring to take their land. Tax Declaration certified by Nestor Reyes.

Complete list of all documents identifying the heirs of Juana Figuron as the true owners of Lot 3198.

All files on record clearly prove Welia Alipayo is using falsified tax documents prepared by Nestor Reyes to support her claims that Lot 3198 was sold by Juan Figuron.

Photo of General Luna Municipal Assessor's Tax Map

Photo of General Luna Municipal Assessor's Tax Records with "Errors"

Photo of General Luna Municipal Assessor's Complete Book

(Click on photo for full sized image)

Warranty Deed which again confirms the correct owners for all 4 Lots

Lot No. 3198 Deed of Absolute Sale by Heirs of Juana Figuron

Juan Figuron's Tax Dec for 1998

Juan Figuron's Tax Dec Chronology Submitted by Welia Alipayo Prepared by Nestor Reyes

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