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Welia Alipayo Is Accused of Stealing The Land She Built 101 Resort On Then Tries To Claim The Property Next Door

A case from the 10th Judicial Region Branch 31, Dapa, regarding lot 2943-B, location of 101 Resort states:

"Pelagio Alipayo has allowed spouses Michael and Welia Archibald to finance, construct and put up certain commercial improvements, including cottages for rent, on the subject property and defendants appropriated to themselves and continue to appropriate the incomes and benefits from such commercial improvements;"

"Plaintiff demanded on the defendants and repeated the same for the return to him and his co-heirs the subject property and for discontinuance of the unlawful and unjust appropriation by them of said property, but despite the earnest efforts towards an amicable settlement on the dispute, defendants refuse to return the said property and to discontinue the unlawful and unjust appropriation thereof."

Now Welia Alipayo is accused of a second alleged land theft involving the lot next door to 101 Resort before she has settled the first case to determine if she even owns the land by which she claims rights to the second.

The following case was filed by the late Arlencio Alipayo in August of 2005 and his heirs are still trying to regain possession their land to this day.

In addition to being accused by Arlencio Alipayo, Welia Alipayo also has a case in Dapa RTC Court involving retired attorney Doris Camingue.

There is evidence against Welia Alipayo for attempting to claim Lot 2943-A after her failed attempt to forcibly claim 1041 square meters from her neighbor Rodulfo Figuron.

On the Video Evidence Page For The September 2013 Meeting Welia Alipayo can be seen making multiple statements that she had "no idea" before the Assessor's Office contacts her that she might have a claim to Rodulfo's property.

In another video Welia is heard calling one of the defendants "family" and in another video Welia can be seen comforting the defendants assuring her that everything is OK and if the assessors conclude that Welia has some of Rodulfo's land she will "be happy to give it back".

But after that September meeting Welia Alipayo's story quickly changed and she is now trying to claim the entire Lot 2943-A and making false claims that she has been violently fighting with the Figurons for years.

There is also Evidence That Nestor Reyes altered tax documents to Welia's favor and refused to fix the error more for than 15 years despite evidence to the contrary.

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