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101 Resort Silverio Gonzaga Signs Forged Deed of Sale to Purchase Lot of 101 Resort

Silverio Gonzaga signs a forged Deed of Absolute Sale to purchase the property 101 Resort is built on.

The "Seller" is Pablo Alipayo, who died in 1949.

In an attempt to cover up the forgery, Mario Alipayo and Silverio Gonzaga created a second Deed of Sale in 1981.

Silverio Gonzaga's attorney then claimed multiple times the 1978 Deed of Absolute Sale is a forgery.

"That the sale was perfected only in 1981 and not in 1978 as may be attested to by the Deed of Sale dated April 21,1981, a copy is herin attached as Annex 3."

However, it was too late because Silverio Gonzaga had already submitted the first Deed of Sale to the Registry of Deeds Office who confirmed that the 1978 Deed of Absolute Sale is the true document and that the 1981 document is "a mere scrap of paper without any probative value".

The East Boundary is identified as Esperanza Alipayo, Rodulfo Figuron's mother.

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