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General Luna Municipal Tax Assessor Makes Multiple Errors over the Years All In Favor of Sliverio Gonzaga and Welia Alipayo

Myrna Figuron was warned ahead of time that Welia Alipayo might try to take Rodulfo's land with the help of Nestor Reyes so they went to Nestor Reyes' office and took photos of his tax records.

Below is a copy of an affidavit about comments made by Gina Escosura, a Municipal Assessor's Office Employee.

Because of the warning the Figuron's knew to collect the following evidence:

Video tape meeting held by the Provincial Assessors September 2013

If you look at the images of the tax records and the tax map currently located in the General Luna Assessor's Office, you will see that the first three entries are for Juan Figuron.

Nestor Reyes is in charge of the office who incorrectly recorded this information. Juan Figuron never owned Lots 001, 002 or 003.

The only record which is even remotely close is Lot 002, which at one point was owned by Juana Figuron, however, Juana was a woman originally named Hilario Espejon, who is identified on Juan Figuron's Deed of Absolute Sale as being the property owner to the East of Lot 2943-A.

The "errors" in the local tax records allow for three things to happen:

1- Welia Alipayo is allowed to present the records and tax map as evidence to the Surigao Provincial Assessor's Office as evidence of "several conveyances by Juan Figuron".

Without those "errors", Welia would have no evidence of "conveyances".

2- When Lot 3198 owned by Tomasita Escosura in 1997 is sold, the "error" by Nestor Reyes allows him to simply delete Rodulfo Figuron's rightful Tax Declaration and in it's place affix the incorrect Tax Dec No. of Genalyn Coughlan.

If the correct name had been on the books in the Municipal Assessor's Office, Nestor Reyes would not have had "probable cause" to delete Rodulfo Figuron's tax declaration number.

3- When Rodulfo Figuron, who is a farmer, not a Geodetic Engineer, comes in to the assessor's office to pay his taxes, Nestor can show Rodulfo his father's names on the records.

If those "errors" are not present, it would be blatantly obvious that Rodulfo Figuron, heir of Juan Figuron, was missing his Tax Declaration number.

This is how "errors" of Nestor Reyes have assisted Welia Alipayo to claim land not rightfully hers for many years.

Affidavit Warning that Nestor Reyes Possibly Working with Welia Alipayo

Nestor Reyes' Tax Records With "Errors" For Lots 001, 002 and 003

Map with lots 001, 002, 003 and 004. Juan Figuron never owned lots 001-003

Complete shot of Nestor Reyes' Tax Record Book Click Photo For Larger Image

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