101 Resort Cloud 9 Siargao   >>  Nestor Reyes Mistakenly Assigns Lot 3198 to Rodulfo Figuron

In 1998 Nestor Reyes "Mistakenly" Assigns Lot 3198 Tax Declaration to Rodulfo Figuron

In 1997 Nestor Reyes deletes Rodulfo Figuron's Tax Declaration and assigns his new number as Lot No. 3198, but that lot is owned by the heirs of Juana Figuron, not Juan Figuron.

Hilario Espejon was the owner of Lot 3198. Hilario Espejon's daughter Juana Espejon married Pastor Figuron, who then became Juana Figuron.

Juana Figuron then transferred Lot 3198 to her children, who in turn sold it to Tomasita Escosura, who then sold it to Gena Coughlan.

At no time has Juan Figuron ever owned or sold Lot 3198, it was a woman Juana Figuron.

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