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Nestor Reyes "Mistakenly" deletes Rodulfo Figuron's Tax Declaration Following Sale of Unrelated Property Without Any Documentation

The following page, prepared by Nestor Reyes, was submitted by Welia Alipayo as evidence that "Juan Figuron whose adjoining property under Lot No.3198 was largely reduced in area due to several conveyances". 

The only problem is Juan Figuron never owned Lot No.3198.

Hilario Espejon was the owner of Lot 3198. Hilario Espejon's daughter Juana Espejon married Pastor Figuron, who then became Juana Figuron.

Juana Figuron transferred Lot 3198 to her children, who in turn sold it to Tomasita Escosura, who then sold it to Genalyn Coughlan, at which point Nestor Reyes uses the opportunity to delete Juan Figuron's Tax Declaration Number

On the row that begins with 1040, Juan Figuron's Tax Dec No., on the far right it states "1st GR". Further down is a second GR transferring the property to Genalyn Coughlan.

What do Welia Alipayo and Nestor Reyes expect to say when they are called into court and the judge requests to see the Deed of Absolute Sale executed by Juan Figuron's heirs in 1997?

There never was a "Deed of Absolute Sale" executed by the heirs of Juan Figuron because the property was sold by Tomasita Escosuro.

This is exactly how Welia Alipayo has taken advantage of the "errors" of Nestor Reyes to try to claim multiple pieces of property in the Cloud 9 area.

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