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In 1997 The Heirs of Juana Figuron Sell Lot 3198

In 1997 the heirs of Juana Figuron sold lot 3198.

This is the only "evidence" Welia Alipayo is using to claim Rodulfo Figuron's property:

From Welia Alipayo's Sworn Complaint:

"These facts are known to defendants Juan Figuron whose parcel of land described as Lot No. 3198, Adjoins that of Lot 2943-P." (pg2)

"One of the adjoining properties of Lot 2943-P is Lot No. 3198 owned by Juan Figuron, father of the defendants." (pg3)

"Sometime in 1998 or thereabout, Juan Figuron whose adjoining property under Lot No. 3198 was largely reduced in an area due to several conveyances." (pg4)

"It is apparent defendants and their father decided to unlawfully enter plaintiff's property since the property they own under Lot No. 3198 has shrunk dramatically in land area due to several transfers." (pg5)

"Thus in 1998 under Tax Dec 2430, the area of Juan Figuron has reduced to .1676ha or 1,676 square meters more or less." (pg5)

"Hrs. of Juan Figuron whose property is a different on described as Lot No. 3198." (pg8)

There are two problems with Welia's statements above which she swore to under oath.

1- Juan Figuron never owned lot Lot 3198. Nestor Reyes altered the tax records but the documents stored in the Registry of Deeds Office list the true owners.

2- Rodulfo Figuron never sold any land in 1998, the heirs of Juana Figuron sold Lot No. 3198 in 1998.

Deed of Absolute Sale below for Lot No. 3198 sold in 1998, lists heirs of Juana Figuron as sellers.

Juana Figuron is not related to Juan Figuron, she is the daughter of Hilario Espejon who married Pastor Figuron.

Boundary Descriptions on Deed of Absoute Sale for Lot 3198 state: North: Seashore; South: Lot No.3197; East: Lot No. 2942; West: Lot No. 2943. These Boundary Descriptions exactly match Tax Map listed below.

The Deed of Absolute Sale lists the size of Lot 3198 as 1,676 sqm and the Tax Declaration No. is 5772

Juan Figuron's Tax Dec for 1998 lists the size of Lot 3198 as 1,676 sqm and the Tax Declaration No. is 5772

Below is also the Warranty Deed, Capital Gains Tax Registration and multiple affidavits all testifying that Rodulfo Figuron is NOT the owner of Lot 3198.

Lot No. 3198 Deed of Absolute Sale by Heirs of Juana Figuron

1998 Capital Gains Tax: Lot 3198 Seller: Tomasita Salvaloza Daughter of Juana Figuron

Affidavit by Children of Juana Figuron that Lot 3198 with 1676 sqm Owned by Them

Warranty Deed Which Confirms Correct Owners for all 4 Lots

Affidavit by Jesus Figuron: Lot 3198 with 1676 sqm owned by him NOT Rodulfo Figuron

Affidavit of Disinterested Parties: Juana Figuron is previous owner, NOT Juan Figuron

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