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Welia Alipayo Caught on Tape Lying About What Really Happened During Assessor's Meeting September 13th, 2013

Myrna Figuron was warned ahead of time that Welia Alipayo might try to take Rodulfo's land with the help of Nestor Reyes so the Figurons made sure to video tape the meeting held by the tax assessors from both Surigao City and General Luna.


Welia Has "No Idea" Who Would Be Rewarded What Property Prior To September Meeting

As mentioned earlier, when Welia first came back to the house with Myrna on September 3rd, 2013, Welia repeatedly tells Myrna not to worry: "Ding, we are friends and neighbors, I do not want to cause you any problems." 

Welia tells Myrna when the tax assessors arrive from Surigao on September 13th they will tell both Welia and Myrna exactly how to resolve the problem.

In every video Welia Alipayo is sitting in between Lita Figuron and Tia Dolores Figuron. Lita is the daughter of Rodulfo and Tia Dolores is one of the two defendants names in Welia's Complaint.

Welia refers to Tia Dolores and Lita Figuron as "relatives" and she "only wants peace". In another video Welia pats Tia Dolores on the leg reassuring her that everything will be fine.

In the video below you can hear Welia say that she assured Ding (Myrna) that even if the result of the meeting went in Rodulfo's favor: "in case I have an excess land, I will give it back because it is not mine."

Surigaonon Transcript: 

Welia Alipayo: Dili bitaw Loi, kay ako daan pa nagsugod naglaong ako kan diding na kon akoy makasobra, ihatag k okay di man ko ako nan kuman kay sila man, bali ako may ako may nakuhaan, uman masuko man si greg tapos mag adveretise pa sija nan mayaot sa internet, isa pa, kumbaga an masunod sila man si tiya kay sla man an tag iya. Nu kuan, nusugot rag ani ako ... (very fast) pero kon e push nija way ako mahimo I should protect nan sa ako katungod. An sa ako did on an kahapsay kay mag lomon, dili ako ganahan na magyaot an silingan , alingit sa ako, amo ra lamang an ako tiya.

English Translation: 

Welia: "Loi, before this, I and Ding already agreed and I told her that in case I have an excess land, I will give it back because it is not mine, but now I am the one who lacked it so why does Greg have to get mad?, He even said about advertisement online and besides, whatever Tiya and Tiyo’s decision, will be followed because they are the owners. I even agreed to the (not really clear) But if he really pushes it, then I have to protect myself. I am only after peace between us because we are relatives; I don’t want that neighbours are mad at me."

Welia Only Found Out About "Issue" When Contacted By Tax Assessors Office

September 3rd, 2013: When Myrna Figuron was first called by the tax assessor's office and informed that there was an Adverse Claim against the application for title by Welia Alipayo, Myrna went to Welia to ask why she filed the claim.

Welia assured Myrna there was no real problem and not to worry. Welia then came over to Myrna's house and told both myself and Myrna that the tax assessors from Surigao City would come to Cloud 9 to straighten the matter out, it was simply a problem of lot 2943-B being included in the application for title request.

You can see Welia in the video below say: "These people, who is doing legally, they can explain to you well. That's what I told you, I found a notification, that's I know the whole thing."


Surigao City Tax Assessor Confirms Welia Alipayo Should Only Receive 1041 sqm

In Welia's own sworn testimony of her Complaint she states she accepted a compromise settlement. However, as defined by the surveyors and tax assessors present that day, the compromise was for a total of 1041 square meters to be transferred to Welia Alipayo, the rest of lot 2943-A still belonged to Rodulfo Figuron.

Welia Alipayo conveniently excludes the single most important fact of the settlement: the size of property she was going to receive was only 1041 square meters not the entire lot 2943-A.

In the video below Surigao City Tax Assessor Walter Andit explains that Welia Alipayo should receive 1041 square meters. At the very beginning of the video you can hear General Luna Tax Assessor Nestor Reyes say "1000", meaning only 1000 square meters.


Tax Assessor States Welia Alipayo Agrees To 1041 Square Meters

Near the end of the first meeting Surigao City Tax Assessor Walter Andit says that about 80% of the parties have agreed including Welia Alipayo, Rodulfo Figuron and Tia Dolores. Rodulfo needs to go home, discuss things with his children and if they agree, in the morning the papers will be signed and they will "immediately put a huge fence in between" and will be processed by the assessor.


Tax Assessor: If Rodulfo Agrees He Will Automatically Receive Tax Declaration And Title, But If He Does Not Sign There Will Be "Very Big Problems"

Many times during and after the meeting the tax assessors kept telling the children of Rodulfo Figuron that if he did not sign there would be "Grave dako problemas" or "very big problems".

It was repeated over and over: "If you sign, automatic tax dec and title, if you do not sign, sus! grave dako problema! Grave dako problema!"

Translated to English: "Then Tay automatic your tax dec, title, agreements will all be changed in accordance to this actual new area. This will be a big event tomorrow. However, if there is no agreement tomorrow, frankly speaking your problems will be bigger because we will go home. We have everyone here, the assessors and they (Welia) are also having their adverse claim, so it will be a very huge problem, scared us all."

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