101 Resort Cloud 9 Siargao   >>  Arlencio Alipayo Files Civil Case To Stop Development

101 Resort Refuses to Stop Developing Their Property Despite an Ongoing Criminal Case so Arlencio Alipayo Files a Civil Case

Arlencio Alipayo files Criminal Case 227 in Dapa RTC against Pelagio Alipayo et al. regarding the theft of the property 101 Resort is built on. Arlencio repeatedly requests the Archibalds to stop development until the case is settled, but they refuse.

More importantly, Mike and Welia Archibald are forcibly occupying the 101 Resort property which they are now using to try to falsely claim the Figuron's property.

A case from the 10th Judicial Region Branch 31, Dapa, regarding lot 2943-B, location of 101 Resort states:

"Pelagio Alipayo has allowed spouses Michael and Welia Archibald to finance, construct and put up certain commercial improvements, including cottages for rent, on the subject property and defendants appropriated to themselves and continue to appropriate the incomes and benefits from such commercial improvements;"

"Plaintiff demanded on the defendants and repeated the same for the return to him and his co-heirs the subject property and for discontinuance of the unlawful and unjust appropriation by them of said property, but despite the earnest efforts towards an amicable settlement on the dispute, defendants refuse to return the said property and to discontinue the unlawful and unjust appropriation thereof."

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