101 Resort Property Theft Case Number Three Timeline 1978 to Present

Task Force Anti-APECO with Figurons
Mindanews Interviews Figurons
Mindanews Interviews Mayor

1947 - Juan Figuron Purchases Lot 2943-A from Filomeno Rusillon

1997 - Nestor Reyes Deletes Rodulfo Figuron's Tax Declaration

1997 - Nestor Reyes Falsely Assigns Lot 3198 to Rodulfo Figuron

1998 - Heirs of Juana Figuron, NOT Juan Figuron, Sell Lot 3198

1998 - Nestor Reyes Refuses Fix Tax Dec Rodulfo Figuron Sees DENR

1999 - DENR Gives Rodulfo Figuron Requirements to Fix Tax Dec

2001 - Rodulfo Figuron Meets DENR Requirements to Get New Tax Dec

2003 - Rodulfo Figuron Receives Certified Free Patent Title #14816

2004 - Pelagio Alipayo Transfers Property to Welia Listing False Boundary

2005 - 101 Resort Continues Building Despite Case Filed Against Them

2007 - Welia Alipayo Files for Title Identifying Property Belongs to Figurons

2013 - Figurons Warned By Assessors Office Nestor Reyes Favors Welia

2013 - Previous Owners of 101 Resort Confirm Rodulfo Figuron is Owner

2013 - Welia Aipayo States on Video Will Give Back 101 Resort Property

2013 - Assessor states on Video Majority of Property is Rodulfo Figuron

2013 - Welia Alipayo Submits Adverse Claim Against Lot 2943-A

2013 - Municipal Assessor Reports Juan Figuron Sold His Property

2014 - Welia Alipayo Files Sworn Complaint with Multiple False Claims

2014 - Mindanews Reporter Interviews Witnesses

2014 - Task Force Anti-APECO Rep Interviews Witnesses

2014 - Surigao Assessors Office Issues New Tax Dec In Under 30 Days

Welia Alipayo Accused of Multiple Land Thefts in Cloud 9


Welia Alipayo Owner 101 Resort Accused of Multiple Land Theft Cases With Assessor Nestor Reyes

The Dirty Secret of Welia Alipayo and 101 Resort

Welia Alipayo, owner of 101 Resort, is currently implicated in three separate property theft cases within a few hundred meters of Cloud 9 break and at least one more possibly headed to court.

Rodulfo Figuron's family was warned by an employee of the General Luna Municipal Assessor's Office that Welia Alipayo and Nestor Reyes were possibly conspiring to steal land from Rodulfo Figuron. View Affidavit

In response to the warning, the Figurons collected a large amount of evidence to show how Welia Alipayo has been been claiming land for years. Hopefully this website will help others defend themselves against Welia Alipayo et al.

Despite overwhelming video evidence and dozens of registered documents, Welia Alipayo stubbornly refuses to admit any wrong doing or retract her claims.


Welia Alipayo Caught on Tape Lying Multiple Times


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